Your Menu Options Have Changed

By Holly Lisle

Holly Lisle’s Create A World ClinicMy favorite (insert glyph of rolling eyes here) phrase when dealing with inescapable, interminable, utterly frustrating automated phone answering systems—“Please listen carefully, as your menu options have changed.”

This should be a whole lot less painful.

Look to the Works In Progress block to your right on the weblog. Two, and only two, books are now in progress. Moon and Sun II, currently and temporarily titled The Moonroads, and Holly Lisle’s Create A World Clinic. I finally figured out how to do the world-development book without burying everyone in way too many illustrations. And done this way, it should be as much fun to go through as Plot Clinic, and have as many useful tools.

ADDED LATER: Have posted this small version of the cover art, too. I was thinking “chocolate, chocolate, must have chocolate,” at the time.

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