Your Menu Options Have Changed

Holly Lisle’s Create A World ClinicMy favorite (insert glyph of rolling eyes here) phrase when dealing with inescapable, interminable, utterly frustrating automated phone answering systems—“Please listen carefully, as your menu options have changed.”

This should be a whole lot less painful.

Look to the Works In Progress block to your right on the weblog. Two, and only two, books are now in progress. Moon and Sun II, currently and temporarily titled The Moonroads, and Holly Lisle’s Create A World Clinic. I finally figured out how to do the world-development book without burying everyone in way too many illustrations. And done this way, it should be as much fun to go through as Plot Clinic, and have as many useful tools.

ADDED LATER: Have posted this small version of the cover art, too. I was thinking “chocolate, chocolate, must have chocolate,” at the time.

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21 responses to “Your Menu Options Have Changed”

  1. Michelle Pace Avatar
    Michelle Pace

    Any word on when Create A World will be done?

  2. S. Megan Payne Avatar
    S. Megan Payne

    Is this one still eventually coming? Just curious.

  3. KG Avatar

    Looking forward to it!

  4. Krystall Avatar

    That’s great! Thanks for letting me know. I’ve been extremely eager to see it since I bought the first two 🙂

  5. Holly Avatar

    Create A World is still coming. It’s just doing so slowly. It got eaten by the enormous How To Think Sideways course, and now is on the schedule for the second half of this year. I have part of it written. But I’ve refined my worldbuilding techniques so much since I planned it that my old outline has to be tossed.

    1. Jonathan Avatar

      I am really anticipating the Create A World Clinic because I am having some trouble with the Create A Language Clinic…I am really excited!!! CAN’T Wait!!!

  6. Krystall Avatar

    What ever happened to the Create a World clinic book? I saw it on the progress meter at one point but now I don’t see it anywhere. Has it been tabled forever?

  7. Ryan Avatar

    My novel’s on a hold while I wait for “Create a World Clinic”.
    I loved the first two; if this is half as good it will be fully worth the money.

  8. Mokierock Avatar

    I loved the other clinics. I can’t wait fo this one too. They were all so helpful and very organized too.

  9. lizb Avatar

    Excellent! I can’t wait.

  10. Noxi Avatar

    ponders how to make a map out of chocolate…

  11. Nicole Avatar

    I love the cover! Very nice. I wanted this clinic before, but now even more so as the cover can be a dose of calorie-free chocolate.

  12. TinaK Avatar

    Yummy! I love the cover. So rich and decadent!

  13. Keely Avatar

    Oh… thank you SO much, Holly! Now I’M craving chocolate!!!

  14. eowynjedi Avatar

    Mmmm. Maps and chocolate. (Hopefully when it’s out I’ll actually have money so I can buy it. 😉 )

  15. Inkblot Avatar

    Yay! Excitement!

  16. shawna Avatar

    I’ve been wondering when you’d have time to do the next clinic, but was afraid to ask, for fear of jinxing you. 🙂

    Love the cover/color, fits well with the others.

  17. PolarBear Avatar

    Hmmm…the savvy marketers out there are planning campaigns with confectioners everywhere as a joint venture to make millions when this goes on sale.

  18. BookLover Avatar

    (drool) – must have Create a World Clinic.

  19. PolarBear Avatar

    Are you comparing your sidebar to one of those horrid recordings? No way!

    Hurray for figuring out how to do Create a World Clinic. Worldbuilders everywhere are drowning in their own saliva.

  20. WritingAngel Avatar

    YAY!! I can’t wait for Create a World Clinic. I’ve loved all your others!

    I received the books from your Giveaway Books. THANKS! Loved the signed hardback of Talyn and everything else. 🙂

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