You always kidnap the one you love…

636 words tonight—they flew, and in the scene I called Razor Wire, Ki realizes that the thorn in his side is going to bother him worse if she’s dead than if she isn’t, and realizes he’s going to have to take some unsavory steps to keep her breathing.

Aleksa, meanwhile, gets her first sleep in 36 hours, and discovers on waking that the would has not improved in her absence…and that she’s in serious trouble.

I’ll find out more of what sort of trouble tomorrow night. For now, I got a lot, I love what I got, and the razor wire worked well.

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One response to “You always kidnap the one you love…”

  1. Tori Avatar

    I’ve gone without sleep for 36 hours before..granted my situation ws much different. I wonder what kind of trouble she’s in? I love all the conflict you have in the book so far Holly. It’s interesting. And terrifying. The perfect combination. Hopefully I can learn to write such amazing conflict.

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