Yesterday’s Words; Today’s Words

So there’s this corpse lying wall-eyed on the floor, blood all over the carpet, and the owner comes home to a house full of strangers, and the one person in the house who belongs there has a very bad explanation for how the corpse got dead ….

Work For Hire 1 is moving nicely. Started yesterday with 51,536 words, finished with 54,678 words — so I made my 3000 for the day, plus change. Managing some nice cliffhanger endings for chapters, discovering the characters, feeling the story clicking as things tossed in there early in the book start demonstrating their reasons for existing.

Today I’ll pick up where I left off yesterday, with the dead body. Always a good thing in a story, the dead body. "Two dead guys burst through a door, bodies blazing …."

No. No. That’s another genre.

And I’ll be in there with my MC (main character) in deadly danger for having offed said corpse. Making dead bodies: always an interesting thing for MCs to do. Kind of like the build-it-yourself time machine, or reanimating dinosaurs from mosquito DNA, only messier.

Starting point is 54,678 words, naturally, and my finishing point will be 57,678 words or better.

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