Yesterdays revelation became today’s surprising scene

I knew yesterday that I left myself in a good place when I wrapped up the words. I didn’t realize how good until I started rolling this morning. My main character had a massive revelation about the crushing mistake she was about to make, and figured out a way to avert disaster on the upcoming Day One of a big situation she has invited — and has to survive.

No way to avoid the fact that she’s got a potential explosion on her hands — but she didn’t make the Well-Meaning Big Stupid Mistake — and her ally is working with her to help her see through the lens of the past a couple of other big mistakes in history she doesn’t want to replay.

Bad things are still going to happen. She has folks who hate her and want to see her family line die out with her, and because she doesn’t know who they are, but they know exactly who she is, she’s at a major disadvantage.

But with an interesting new perspective, she’s at least figured out a better way to deal with what’s coming at her from out of the dark.

1398 words today, 60,171 total today, and I’m very happy with where this is.

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