Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

I got a bit over 1800 words yesterday, finished out the scene, and raised some nice problems for poor Lauren, who has until this point manange to keep Molly from the Sentinels. Today is my day off, which means no writing, but lots of other things. Mostly dealing with website issues, probably — I ran head-on into the community’s explosive growth yesterday morning when I hit our bandwidth issue and faced up to the fact that wishing wasn’t going to keep us at the already-paid-for level. I’ve taken steps to create a Forward Motion donation account, and have moved chat off-site. That will keep us at our paid-for bandwidth for a while, I hope, and put part of a mechanism in place to make the site self-supporting. I think the site anthology is a good idea, too. We have a site cookbook in the works.

It’s all a lot to think about. I have to keep reminding myself that the first goal is that the community be available to everyone, not that I pay for the whole thing myself. I’ve always been terrible at accepting help; maybe this is one of the lessons I’m supposed to learn.

Bit of my reincarnation/parallel lives philosophy slipping in there. Sorry.

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