Yesterday certainly wasn’t a big wordcount day

Start count today 45,193 on Midnight Rain. I hit that complicated scene with the villain, and still haven’t nailed it to my satisfaction. I’m not going to set a wordcount goal on it today — my goal is going to be to get that scene right. It’s important, demonstrating as it does both the villain’s psychic link with the heroine and the amount of power he’s able to bring to bear against her. I want it to be scary — really scary — and that might entail going through it a couple of times.

It feels like one of the key scenes in the book.

As for revisions of The Wreck of Heaven— blech! I still have more haiku novel to do today, because I ended up deleting the entire “Prologue Approach” as a bad go. (I wrote and then revised an entire prologue as my second attempt at a fix yesterday. This after writing an “In Book One” treatment and realizing that wouldn’t work, either.)

I hate prologues. I don’t read them in other people’s novels and I certainly don’t want to write one in a book that I like better than almost everything I’ve ever written to date. I want the story to start with the story and I want the book to stand on its own. I think I managed to start a workable approach fairly late last night — I’ll have to see when I go back in to reread yesterday’s work.

Yesterday hit fairly high on my Work Frustration Index. I’m hoping today will go better.

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