Yesterday, and today … and {sigh}

Yesterday I had my two thousand words plus change done by 8:30 a.m. (not that breathtaking when you realize that I was at the computer at 5 a.m., but still pretty good.) I’m aiming for the same level of progress today.

The horses came home to roost yesterday, with interesting complications. And today I’m going to be spending my time in prison.

I swear writing is a fun job. Even when it entails being at the desk by 5 a.m..

And … {sigh} … I want to be able to use this compliment in a story somewhere — Your legs are like threads of cotton, though much thicker, and filled with weevils.. Who is this guy, and where did his mind wander to come up with these things? Or even the portions of these things, if they’re randomized from sections.

I’m becoming a Surrealist Compliment Generator addict.

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4 responses to “Yesterday, and today … and {sigh}”

  1. Ter Avatar


    These sites have far more literary value as a break from writing than, say, Solitaire.

    (After perusing Holly’s results) Gee, I hope a sarcastic communist fairy princess would have an incredible destiny.

  2. Holly Avatar

    "they … fight … crime ….."

    Ter is bad, bad, badadadabababebebebubububub

    "He’s an otherworldly moralistic senator who hides his scarred face behind a mask. She’s a time-travelling blonde vampire with the power to see death. They fight crime!"

    "He’s a shy soccer-playing Green Beret who knows the secret of the alien invasion. She’s a radical motormouth schoolgirl living on borrowed time. They fight crime!"

    "He’s an unconventional shark-wrestling card sharp from the ‘hood. She’s a sarcastic communist fairy princess with an incredible destiny. They fight crime!"

    "He’s a Nobel prize-winning one-eyed gangster plagued by the memory of his family’s brutal murder. She’s a man-hating winged advertising executive who inherited a spooky stately manor from her late maiden aunt. They fight crime!"

    "He’s a hate-fuelled skateboarding cat burglar who dotes on his loving old ma. She’s a disco-crazy antique-collecting magician’s assistant with a flame-thrower. They fight crime!"

    h   e   l   p      m   e . . . .

  3. Ter Avatar

    They Fight Crime!

    Try this one, for book blurbs and TV series that might have been.

  4. Jim W Avatar
    Jim W

    Woods nymphs sprinkle your path with bowlings balls while you dance and prowl in the sequined moonlight with leftover heads of lettuce.

    My question is — do "you dance and prowl" or do "wood nymphs sprinkle … and prowl." Enquring English sentence diagrammers want to know.

    Confucius say, "Focus, Holly. Focus."

    Humm…Confucius say, "Trouble is one woman and the memory of a second woman under one roof."

    "She sat zazen, concentrating on not concentrating…"

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