Yesterday, and On to Today

Yesterday was a family holiday, and we decided to start celebrating it Monday afternoon, so I never made it back to CCC. I didn’t even look at a computer yesterday — no words. S’alright. I’ll do words today. The day off was good for me; while I wasn’t writing, I realized that there was legitimate use for the As You Know, Bob in fiction, and that I had, in fact, used it in precisely that fashion in Talyn.

On I See You, the day off proved beneficial, as well. I killed off someone too soon, thus wrecking a great chance for a much more heartbreaking death later. So today, resurrection (sort of …) and the continuation of things going from bad, to works, to it truly can’t get much worse than this.

Wordcount goals for the day:

ISY — Start: 64,160 Finish: 67,260
CCC — Start: 6331 Finish: 8331

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