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    • I’m so sorry you lost her in such a difficult way. Big hugs.

      I lost my last cat, Spenser, to cancer. I decided he was going to be my last cat ever. It was so difficult it took me nearly ten years (and the guys telling me a kitten was going to be my Christmas present), for me to take a chance again.

      I’m glad I did.

      • Thank you for sharing, Holly πŸ™‚ We felt much the same way, but our other resident kitty started howling up and down the halls for her lost friend, so we ended up adopting again. Sheldon looks like a fun kitty (though occasionally aggravating, but that’s part of a cat’s job description). Definitely seems like a character!

  1. In a twist of irony for a guy named Tom, I am not a cat person. Not my fault; I’m very allergic to them.

    I do have dogs, monogamously. The current fellow, a silky terrier named Rascal, is number three. I bought him as a puppy ten years ago for Gabriela, who adored him and he her. But Rascal concluded long ago that he is MY dog. Our twice-daily walks have maintained our girlish figures, and we have covered 3,500 miles together that way in the decade since.

    I don’t do Flikr, so you will have to imagine a buff-and-grey version of Toto, with a 2-inch coat of silky locks, and ears akimbo: the left ever-alert, the right folded to melt the hearts of women (and he knows it!).

    As I am under constant attack by squirrels, who peer in my windows to steal my work for the Chinese Red Army to copy, his job—detecting them and driving them off with a sudden barrage of furious bouncing and barking—can be hard on my concentration. And when he decides we need a break, only my lap will do.

    Happiness IS a warm puppy. πŸ˜€

    • “I’m rather glad mine didn’t try to gnaw on my work though, haha.”

      Seriously. If yours gnawed on the work, there’d be nothing left. She’s beautiful.

  2. When my grandson and his beautiful tabby came to live with me, Monkee weighed between fifteen and twenty pounds though he was only about a year old. I always felt that he must have some Maine Coon in him. I fell in love with him and apparently he with me. He insisted on sleeping with his head and shoulders on my shoulder as I sat at my computer. When the shoulder got numb I’d put him down, he’d keep trying to climb right back up. Still miss the rascal, he developed kidney problems after a few years and we had to say goodbye.

  3. My dog, every so often on her way to her bed, which was usually behind me, would find that the only suitable path involved walking on my laptop. (I work on the floor pretty much all the time. My mom keeps saying, “We can get you a desk.” To which I reply, “Mom, I didn’t use my desk when I had one.)

    She would also walk on my homework, on my shoes, on my laundry, or on pretty much anything that was in her way. That is, unless she didn’t feel like it. In which case, she would look at me and whine, asking me to move whatever was in her way.

    So my dog would just help my writing, but also try to help every part of my life she could step on or interact with. (“You’re eating an apple? I’ll help!” “You’re cutting some ham? Why aren’t you cooking that bit? Do you not want it? Ooh, here, I’ll help! I’m closer than the trash can!” “Hmm. You haven’t played your guitar in a little while. Ooh! I’ll step on it to get you inspired, then stare at you while you’re singing! See? I’m listening!”)

    • Very cute cat. Elegant (except for having his whole head in the cup). πŸ˜‰

      He looks like my daughter’s cat Jeeves.

      (We considered both Wodehouse and Wooster as names for Sheldon, but neither fit.)

  4. My fur baby looks a little like yours and he also likes to β€œhelp”. I try to distract him but it is short lived.

    His favorite place is laying on my hand (and he gets very annoyed when I try to continue typing) or suddenly walking over the center of the keyboard which has fun, random results…


  5. Okay, that was just freakin’ adorable ❀️ Thanks for sharing, he’s a handsome cat and also cute, if you know what I mean!

    • πŸ˜€ Thank you.

      He’s buff-colored, which I’d never seen before, and this color is apparently rather rare.

      Weirdly, he matches all our furniture, our lampshades, and our walls. We’ve joked that the buff mutation is urban camouflage for cats.

  6. My cat, Sassy, would lie on my arm, with her paws on either side, just holding on, “helping” me write. If I got up to get coffee, I’d come back to see she had added to my manuscript by walking on the keyboard, as she went across my desk to investigate my husband’s.

    • That sounds very sweet.

      Sheldon isn’t a particularly cuddly cat unless he’s falling asleep. He like to actively help. You know, picking up the pen you’re using, tossing it to the floor, leaping after it, and killing it for you so that it won’t attack your pages anymore.

      Like that.

      • Sassy is the most cuddly cat I’ve ever been owned by. All my cats have been writing helpers, some more than others. Sassy was the most original of the lot.

        I had a guide dog we were training once, and she must had decided the writing was just bad that day because instead of editing the work, she just gnawed all the monitor wires. “There, that’s fixed. You can’t see anything now.” We went and got a new monitor cable and she went in the corner and put her paws over her face. Honestly, the writing wasn’t that bad!

  7. My cat used to come flying into the room, leap up onto the desk or table where I was working, and scatter every paper that wasn’t bolted down. Then she’d walk back and forth across the keypad of my laptop. Feeling the love!!

    • “and scatter every paper that wasn’t bolted down.”

      Mine does that now. Which is why I work between two big D-ring legal notebooks with every sheet of paper hole-punched and bolted down.

      Sheldon is not my first cat, this is not my first revision, and I STILL remember trying to put together again all the pieces of the one a years-earlier cat leapt into with frenzied joy.

  8. Now that’s what I call a Writer’s Cat. Except that HE wants to do the writing, apparently. πŸ˜‰

    What a beautiful boy!

    I do have photos, but no way to share them: I had a Siamese named Minkey who liked to play “Curse of Monkey Island” on the computer (we think he thought it was ‘Minkey Island’); Was once caught and photographed turning the pages of “The Secrets of Face-to-Face Communication; and who once joined in an art class when I was at Art College by dropping a dead mouse onto a sheet of newsprint on the studio floor (he was supposed to be the *subject*).

    We all agreed he was Participating. “Mouse Ex Mortis” by Minkey.

    Oh the silliness our cats cause us humans to be distracted by…

  9. I don’t use Flicker, but I have innumerable photos of my (former, alas) cats helping me write, usually by sitting with folded front paws on a stack of paper. You are so lucky to have Sheldon, who is clearly 1000% smarter than Sheldon Cooper. He is gorgeous!

    • πŸ˜€ He’s a sweetheart, mostly. He begs bites of peaches and oranges, which he licks like he’s trying to understand why I eat them. He chases shadows on the walls, and play-bites.

      But he’s happiest when I’m working at the table, and he can help (and steal any pens I haven’t clipped down.

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