Yes, I’m actually recommending a YouTube video

I recommend stuff on YouTube almost never.

After I looped and replayed this for the seventh time today, however, I realized I couldn’t keep it to myself.

It’s guitar. A guy playing a guitar. Dead simple. Only…not.

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8 responses to “Yes, I’m actually recommending a YouTube video”

  1. Kirsten Avatar

    Thank you for sharing this! It’s absolutely mesmerizing.
    Looks like I’ll be heading to iTunes to feed the hungry iPod some new music. 🙂

  2. Jessi Avatar

    After watching that video five times, I went through his entire youtube channel, then bought all four of his albums from Amazon, and the tabs he has listed… then bought a new guitar because my old one is busted due to me being stupid and keeping it near my window during the humidity of summer. Thank goodness that was just a cheap thing. He’s really inspired me to take up the practice again. I’m fixating on Promentory first.

    And, amid all that, it inspired several scenes in my current story. That man has some beautiful hands, and in one of his videos, Storm ( ), his hands are very… well, the word that comes to mind is elvish. Very beautiful. There is so much elegance in those hands that they demand description in a story.

    1. Holly Avatar

      I so hear you. Had been playing my guitar recently anyway, was looking on YouTube for anything I could find on fingerpicking as inspiration, and…well, found it. Have two of the albums now. Will add the other two, but am doing it one at a time and getting the music into my head.

      He does MAJOR retuning on his guitar. I read some of his descriptions beneath the videos about how he adapts the tuning to play specific pieces, and all I could think was, “I’m having a hell of a time getting my head wrapped around the whole neck, without changing everything around.” But it’s all language. I speak Novel, he speaks Guitar. My Guitar is, at the moment, a poorly integrated third language, and will never be my first language. But I’m still striving for fluency.

      Know what you mean on the hands, too. My husband’s fingernails are short on both hands, but I look at Acoustic Labs play and I see Matt’s hands. The muscles, the veins, the assured movement. Good hands.

  3. Roisin Avatar

    That…was astonishing. Sounds fantastic on my speaker system.

    I just wanted to tell you, Holly, that I haven’t been around here much, but I *have* been writing every single working day – on the way to and from work on the bus, longhand, and having a blast, and that it was a line from your blog a few weeks ago that got me started. So thanks for being awesome.

  4. Amy Avatar

    Wow – amazing! I’m happy to manage a little 3 chord strumming from time to time. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Rob Smith Avatar
    Rob Smith

    That music is solid talent, and it’s flawless in its delivery.That is beyond question.
    What made me smile though is that you recommended it. People who like to share are usually happy people, and that can be contagious. Thanks Holly.

  6. Stephen B. Bagley Avatar

    Wow. He’s awesome. Reminds me of Peter Fletcher.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Found him yesterday, ran through a bunch of his music, and ended up buying one of his albums from iTunes.

      Amazing talent.

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