Writingwise — Thinking

I need to use today as a thinking/planning/restructuring day. While I would love to think I’d have another 3000 words done at the end of it, I need to go over the outline. I’ve realized that my Hawkspar scenes are going to run longer than I’d expected — about 4000 words apiece — while my Rik scenes are going to come in at 2000 words apiece. This means that I’m going to need roughly 66 scenes for the book, and the actual problem with this is that, due to the amalgamation of a couple of outlines and a couple of previous re-thinks, I’ve outlined over 170. It happens.

So I need to go through the outline and toss about 110 scenes, and see what I have left. It doesn’t help that I’ve just discovered that Rik works much better as a pirate than a privateer, and so now have to get him his own ship and crew.

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