Writing? What Writing?

Matt has forgotten how to sleep (he’s on three days and counting, with about three total hours of napping during that entire time), so we went out and got stuff taken care of this morning instead of me sitting with my nose at the computer. Mailed the WFH1 manuscript, picked up some groceries and some needed garden stuff.

But while I haven’t been writing, I’ve been rethinking "C." A daring rescue that takes place early on needs to turn into a murder that isn’t stopped, and that ties in to, well, THINGS at the end that I can’t discuss.

The time away from the computer isn’t upping my word count, but at least it’s given me some breathing space to ask myself questions about how I can make the situation harder for the main character from the very beginning, knowing already what a nightmare it’s going to turn into for her at the end. How I can limit the number of threads that run through the tale, and how I can make each one stronger.

Tough questions, but I think I’m in good shape to write tomorrow. Provided, of course, that my poor guy can finally close his eyes and get some rest.

Writing-wise, I think that thinking counts. How much it counts, I hope to find out in the morning.

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