Writing the middle, where things just got tougher for my hero

By Holly Lisle

Today’s words started out being pretty difficult to get, but at the point where I got to bring in some experiences I had as a kid a long way away from Ohio, it turned fun. And from fun, it got strange, and from strange it moved to one of those little lightbulb moments where you ask yourself “what would you do in this situation, and how is that different from what someone who isn’t like you would do?”

And that led to my MC having a pretty difficult day dealing with folks who are really nice people, but justifiably scared.

Good writing — and I dropped my daily wordcount minimus back to 1250/day because I need to be able to hit it even on rough days. And while 1000/day is too low, it’s turned out that 1500/day is currently too high.

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