Writing THE END on Ohio 5

I was rolling along on Chapter 9 this morning. The word were flowing,  flew — 1106 words, 22,677 total — and a really brutal surprise — and it was all falling together perfectly. 

Except that I discovered I was writing the actual end of the novel.

So I dragged Chapter 9 down to Chapter 30, and swapped the empty Chapter 30 file up to the Chapter 9 position, and then I just kept writing. 

The ending is exactly what it needs to be for Book 5 in this series. It sort of solves the primary problem from the first five books. And it creates a solid ending to the story.

And to the series, if I want that.

But it gives me massive elbow room for more novels if these do well.

And the novel itself will still stand alone.

I still have about 75,000 words to write on this novel. The novel itself is not finished, or anything like it.

But I now have a great ending to write TO… and sometimes that’s a huge help in getting the book done.

It was a very good writing day.


But now, on to working on the HollysWritingClasses.com site. I solved a big problem over there yesterday, and today, I’m going to see where Tom Vetter and James Husum are on their side of the same issue.

This is not easy. At the moment, it’s not fun. 

But we are making steady progress.

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