Writing on the Razor’s Edge

No word on the Onyx proposal. For yesterday, no word was okay because it probably would have meant a quick blow-off.

Today, of course, is a different story. Today the publisher had all yesterday (and possibly Friday and all weekend) to consider the proposal. Not to say this is the only thing she was doing, of course, and since I have no way of knowing what her schedule looks like, I also have know way of knowing where my proposal fits into her workload, or when in Real Life she’ll actually have had time to consider the proposal. But in theory, anyway, today would be early enough for a ‘yes.’

Which means that I have both the regular house phone and my cell phone in here with me. I will trot them around with me wherever I go, until I know New York publishing has shut down for the day.

I will write with my focus split.

And I still need 3000 words, which will have to be written with research books, Internet links, charts, maps and graphs at hand.

Starting point today: 15,192 words. Goal: 18,192 words or better.

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