Writing final new scene

If I can nail this scene without bleeding out the eyeballs, I should be able to start type-in in an hour or two. Then I’ll start seeing how much I’ve actually added.

I have today and tomorrow to do type-in, and Tuesday the thing goes to Lisa and Robin. I’m pretty sure I’ve added a lot of words. I know I’ve added a lot of scenes.

“It’s gonna be a long day.” from Twister

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2 responses to “Writing final new scene”

  1. Holly Avatar

    I do first draft at the keyboard. Revisions I do on a printed copy, and anything added I do longhand. Always. I’m blind to mistakes when I’m reading them from the computer, and handwritten additions just seem to work. Though I wish my handwriting didn’t turn so horrible when I got going.

  2. anders Avatar

    So are you writing these scenes out, and then typing them in?! I guess that would do a lot toward minimizing errors … but wow! That kind of discipline; the hand-cramps alone would stop me!

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