The Writing Ducks Go Marching

Got things organized. Know what I’ll be doing for the next couple of weeks.

First, I’ll be finishing up the wire-bound paper version of Create A Character Clinic. I have to correct the typos readers have spotted (the corrections will go into the .pdf version, too), and do back cover artwork.

Second, I’ll be editing Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood and doing a reprint of it, both in .pdf format and in trade paper.
Hunting the Corrigan
It was a Locus bestseller and received excellent reviews the first time around, and if it generates interest and a positive response the second time, I intend to pitch new books in the series to my agent.

And, third, I’ll be putting together a more complete proposal for the second EMT book for Claire. I have a brief one with my agent right now, but I’d rather go in strong the first time, and that deserves a strong first pitch.

It’s good to have a plan.

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10 responses to “The Writing Ducks Go Marching”

  1. Mikaela Avatar

    Ooh. I wish I could buy it, but I am not sure how to solve it since I don’t have an internet bank. Besides, the freight cost would be to steep… You can always dream though.

  2. Angela-Marina Avatar

    Oh wow! The Devil’s point books are coming back? I’m definitely buying those!

    Oh, and will the print verison of CCC be about the same as the e-book version?

  3. Holly Avatar

    I can’t claim the artwork on this. (Wish I could.) It came from BigStockPhoto. The title of the picture is LightBurn1, by photographer SteelStock. The photo description is: “: Abstract 3d illustration of light passes over an aperture and grid. Awesome for backgrounds.”

    It closely matched my visualization of Cadence Drake passing through space/time using the origami drive. So I bought it.

    My fun (and credit) with the cover art is in choosing the artwork and designing the layout/typeface/color/wording.

    Though when I get to putting together the Arhel Omnibus and the Devil’s Point Omnibus, I’ll probably do my own cover paintings.

  4. PolarBear Avatar

    Well, it’s no secret I’ve always believed you were a superb artist, so I think you’re perfect for doing your own cover art. As long as it doesn’t detract from your writing, but I suspect it would usually enhance it.

  5. autumnstar Avatar

    Fantastic cover! I also wanted to say thank you for CCC (and all your other workshops/articles), they’ve been tremendous help.

  6. arainsb123 Avatar

    GREAT cover! I can’t wait for it to come out.

  7. Zoe Avatar

    Great cover art, and I’m looking forward to the book. Oh, and I’m using CCC to develop characters for my newest writing project, and it’s working wonderfully.

  8. Holly Avatar

    😀 Thank you. I’m having a lot of fun doing my own covers, actually.

  9. TinaK Avatar

    That cover art is WAY better than the original. I do hope it goes over well because I’d love to read more about Cady.

  10. PolarBear Avatar

    Awesome cover art! If I recall correctly, that’s better than the original. Good luck with the plan!

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