Writing A Paranormal Romance Short

By Holly Lisle

So my agent’s assistant sent an e-mail to me, letting me know that I’d received an offer to write a paranormal short—that they already had a contract and the details on the money, and that it was for a reputable anthology with one previous volume already out.

I was delighted. I love cool offers.

Of course…during the time leading up to the deadline, I’m still going to be writing the lessons for How To Think Sideways, and those are hugely time-consuming.

You say, “Ahhh, conflict.”

And I say, “Hah! Live lesson material, and proof in action that thinking sideways works.”

I sat down, planned to have a story idea, got up and went about my business…and had the idea I could use in four hours. Lesson Three has that as the demo. “How do you DO that?” šŸ˜€

Lesson Four will use this story, too.

And I get to write a cool paranormal romance with paranormal elements that haven’t been written to death.

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