Writing A Paranormal Romance Short

So my agent’s assistant sent an e-mail to me, letting me know that I’d received an offer to write a paranormal short—that they already had a contract and the details on the money, and that it was for a reputable anthology with one previous volume already out.

I was delighted. I love cool offers.

Of course…during the time leading up to the deadline, I’m still going to be writing the lessons for How To Think Sideways, and those are hugely time-consuming.

You say, “Ahhh, conflict.”

And I say, “Hah! Live lesson material, and proof in action that thinking sideways works.”

I sat down, planned to have a story idea, got up and went about my business…and had the idea I could use in four hours. Lesson Three has that as the demo. “How do you DO that?” πŸ˜€

Lesson Four will use this story, too.

And I get to write a cool paranormal romance with paranormal elements that haven’t been written to death.

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9 responses to “Writing A Paranormal Romance Short”

  1. cannedguds Avatar

    I also love to write romance novels! ….if the price is right….nah! just kidding! Right now, I’m looking for a romance writing course and learn from it on how to make best-selling romance novels and if it permits, I could also write romance novels from the darkest annals of our mind- the paranormal stuff, the weirdest of the weirdest and the oddiest of all the oddest, so to speak….

  2. trykky Avatar

    ItÒ€ℒs cool to get more-more paranormal romance!

  3. Gabriele Avatar

    Ouch. Damn, where did I put my Holy Hand Grenade? πŸ™‚

    Actually, it isn’t that bad. My Fantasy project is one of those ever growing things and it just got an additional layer of mythology and complications (plus some cool characters) which is always fun. Mwuhaha. There’s no way that one is not becoming a trilogy or worse anyway, and at least it’s fun even if it may prove difficult to find a home for it – not a problem I have to think about right now. πŸ˜‰

    My Roman novels are three loosely connected standalones, and now it’s probably four. Since I write out of order, I scribbled some scenes and notes while the experience was still fresh, and now I can concentrate again on the first book and only return to the others when an interesting idea hits me.

  4. Holly Avatar

    Ah, then. You’re beset by VORPAL plotbunnies. Advance in the opposite direction!

  5. Gabriele Avatar

    Sounds yummy. I should try that with some of the lot I brought back from Wales.

    Can you imagine what visiting a bunch of whopping big castles does to a historical fiction and Fantasy writer? The wee buggers lurk everywhere and they pounce. πŸ˜‰

  6. Holly Avatar

    I eat plotbunnies for breakfast. They’re very tasty prepared in a nice red wine marinade, and just yummy served with grapes, apples, and fresh steamed asparagus.

  7. Gabriele Avatar

    Let’s hope it’ll stay short story length. Mine always end up as trilogies. πŸ™‚

    But of course, you have more experience to stop plotbunnies from breeding at the right moment.

  8. TinaK Avatar

    Oh, oh! More paranormal romance. You do that so well. Congrats. Love the way it’s all working together too – you get to write a story and make a lesson as well.

  9. vanity Avatar

    It’s cool to get extra mileage out of the paranormal romance offer. I guess as long as more stuff to do doesn’t exceed your breaking point, additional work really helps putting things into focus.

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