Cutting cutting cutting, editing editing editing, and tons of rewriting. Haven’t come up for air in days, and may be a few more days before I do. Still working on the MPII proposal. This has turned in to a total overhaul.

The podcast, the weblog, and everything else that isn’t work or homeschooling is shoved way to the backburner; the change in my work hours is wreaking havoc, and I’m having to make progress in the rubble.

But I’m still around.

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3 responses to “Writing”

  1. Jim Avatar

    I know from schedules. Good luck with yours.

  2. TinaK Avatar

    Yep – was wondering where you had vanished too. Hope things get sorted out for you soon and you can settle in.

  3. PJ Avatar

    We were sort of wondering. I’ve undergone a schedule change myself; maybe not as severe as yours, but I can grok. Hang in there – I know you’ll get it under control soon enough!


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