Writer-Related Stuff… The Thursday List, and why it’s on hold.

I was building a really nice writing-tips email list for my writers. Every Thursday, (or mostly every Thursday), I was creating one new writing tip, answering a writer’s question, demonstrating a quick version of some technique I’ve found helpful…

And then the HollysWritingClasses.com class software died. Hard.

And we spent six months installing new software, moving all the classes on the old software over to the new software before the old site stopped working entirely, and managed to save all the classes.

Of course, because they were ONLINE classes, built as PDFs, all the links in them that referred to the site itself are broken. A lot of links that went to OTHER sites are broken.

And I figured out that we’ll fix those by posting the corrected links in each lesson right into the classroom, so that things can be easily updated.

But almost all the links in the Thursday emails referenced posts on the site, or classes on the site, or freebies on the site…


During the six-month Save-The-Site complete overhaul, I didn’t have time to do any Thursday emails. I was squeezed managing to get my daily fiction words (and sometimes I just didn’t).

But the dust is settling (not settled yet… not by a long shot).

So I headed into the Thursday Emails to start fixing links. I got through the first several emails, and will work on these a bit at a time every weekday until I finally have the existing list updated. (It’s an ever-green list, filled with techniques and processes and tips that I’ve figured out over the last thirty-something years. Writers can join at any time, and get the first email, and keep getting them as long as I write them.)

I won’t be doing any NEW tips, though, until I have all the existing ones fixed.

And I’m having to do this in between writing the current novel, and doing my work over in HollysWritingClasses.com. 

It will all get done. It’ll just take some time, and I can’t write any new tips until I have everything already written fixed. But now that getting those links fixed has made the priority list in my daily bullet journal (it hit the Priority List at last when we stopped having to put out HollysWritingClasses.com fires) I figure I can correct about five emails a day after I get my fiction done and check in on my writers taking their classes), and be ready to start writing new tips in about a month. Maybe a bit more.

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