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My name is Holly Lisle and I’m a full-time writer.

On my personal site, you’ll find tons of novel chapters, articles on writing and publishing, my frequently opinionated and sometimes controversial weblog, links to my novels and writing courses, and more.

Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

[div class=’content-2-col-left’] Chapters, Stories, and Worldbuilding for Readers

  • Are you my reader?
  • Chapters from current and coming-soon novels – Includes new work, reprints, and “coming soon” fiction
  • Short stuff – Complete short stories, poems, and more
  • Older work – Still in print, not in bookstores, have not yet reverted to me
  • Worldbuilding – Various artifacts, maps, and other things I’ve created to help me flesh out my fiction
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    [div class=’content-2-col-right’] FAQS, Articles, and Workshops for Writers


    [div class=’content-2-col-left’] My Fiction, Writing Courses, and More


    [div class=’content-2-col-right’]My Fiction, Writing Courses, and More
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