The “Write A Book With Me” Rules

By Holly Lisle

Here is the tiny list of “official” rules for playing “Write A Book With Me.”

  • You can work on any project you have going at any stage of completion.
  • You shoot for a minimum of 250 words a day, five days a week.
  • You do NOT flog yourself to catch up on missed words for days you did not write. You NEVER owe more than 250 words in a day, no matter if you missed a full week or a full month of writing.
  • You acknowledge that all this has to be is fun—it isn’t work, a competition, or a form of self-flagellation—and if knocking out your words at this pace stops being fun, you walk away with no guilt.
  • Your aim is to finish your book. What you do with it after that is up to you.

NOTE: You can join in at any time, and you can start anywhere in any project you have going or want to begin. I’ll work on whatever book (or course) I’m writing at the time.


BEGINNER: You can do the minimum words for as many days a week as I work (generally five). At 250 words per night, you’ll finish the first draft of a 100K novel (longish) in 400 working days. You’ll finish the first draft of a 60,000-word novel in 240 working days.

INTERMEDIATE: You can pace me—get my word count from the blog every day and match that every day you work—and work as many days as I work. You’ll finish your first draft pretty quickly.

ADVANCED: You can pick your own wordcount (this is for folks on tighter deadlines with bigger wordcounts who still want to do this, as well as for folks who only want to commit to 100 words a day, or 50, or 25), and just sign in as often as you like to report your progress.

This is a low-pressure gig: The idea, especially if you’re a beginner, is just for you to get the feel of writing a book by doing small amounts consistently. I finish novels, so I’m a good pace rabbit, and if you commit to 250 words a day, you’ll see pages adding up without insane high-pressure goals, and realize you can do this.

You can do this.

Keeping In Touch

To keep up with wordcounts or to have the latest post available, subscript to the Write A Book With Me Feed

Or just bookmark the Write A Book With Me category, and check in on the latest.

Where To Post Your Progress

Either way, post your progress to the most current post in the WABWM thread, and we’ll cheer you on, or commiserate, or offer encouragement.

Comments On the Rules Page Are Closed

It’s too hard for me to keep up with so many open threads. So use the link above to find the most current WABWM post, and add your comment there.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to sign up to play. Just start playing.

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