Write A Book With Me Saturday

Knitting. I’m knitting. Swatching, mostly, and designing the next sweater I want to make… But letting the mind play with story ideas, too.

We did family birthday stuff today, too, which was cool.

Meanwhile, how are your words coming?

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30 responses to “Write A Book With Me Saturday”

  1. Researcher Avatar

    1050 words and a lot of rearranging of scenes.

  2. Cassie Witt Avatar
    Cassie Witt

    Well, didn’t get much done this week at all. I think I got 50 words or so on Wednesday (due to actual editing of a chapter). But at least I’m getting near the end with that one. My mind has been hopping with ideas, though. They’re not all great, but they are coming more and more often which really excites me. 209 tonight, but at least my butt was in the chair and my fingers were on the keyboard. I’m gonna try for a lot more this week. I still have a lot more to go before I can indulge in dollhouse.

  3. Michelle Avatar

    To Rick, above: Are you by chance the Rick from the Public Query Slushpile??

    1. Rick Avatar

      Since I’m not sure what the PQS is… probably not! Sorry.

  4. Don Avatar

    609 today kind of a lazy day, added an earlier scene, the cutting is over (God Willing). I feel pretty good about what I did today briefly watched some Science Fiction Channel mostly vampire flicks. A genre that’s I thought was pretty much done to death until I read “The Strain” A very refreshing, very unromantic look at the vampire genre. I’m just thrilled when I see people but new life into genre that’s been pounded to death with the same old thing over and over again.

  5. Erin Kendall Avatar

    959 words and the end is in sight. 😀 Very happy with my progress this week.

    Erin K.

  6. Julie Avatar

    Today’s words: 962, which brings my total to 7,320. I’m looking forward to reaching the 10k mark! 🙂

    Congrats with all your progress guys.

  7. Sarah Collins Avatar

    I had four cakes this weekend (that’s a total of 54 eggs if anyone is counting) and I just finished decorating the last one. My hands are about to fall off – not particularly conducive to typing – and I think I’d lost contact with my feet by late afternoon yesterday. I am finally, however, back to work on my WIP. I still haven’t decided if it’ll play out in two or three chapters, but either way, I’m that close.

    But while I was slaving over more than 30 pounds of powdered sugar, I started thinking about my WIP. My MC’s best friend is a transplant to the town, but the town is one of those map dots where, as my hero once put it, no one ever moves TO – they’re all too busy trying to get the *heck* out. While the fact that the BFF moved to the town isn’t that big of a deal for my WIP, it hit me. Why DID she move to that town? There had to be a reason! And from that thought, the sub plot of novel #2 came into focus.

    My crit partner and two friends reading along have all mentioned independently of one another that they’d like to see some action between two of my secondary characters, so that much was already in the works. But I wanted to give them something more to the story, and that little bit of “why” really gave it a jump. I’m excited about starting on their journey, but first I need to finish these last 2-3 chapters for “Jack.” Fun stuff! I predict I’ll be finished with the first draft and ready for the edit by the end of the week!

  8. Rabia Avatar

    766 words for me last night. Ended up merging two characters and therefore increased tension between my MC and the newly-amalgamated character. That came totally out of the blue, too. Some times I love the way my brain works. 😀

  9. Dena C. Avatar
    Dena C.

    No words for me on Saturday. I had good intentions but my brother dropped by unexpectedly, and didn’t leave until it was almost time for bed. I’m hoping to get some words done on Sunday, but it’s really hot so I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to stand sitting in front of the computer.

  10. nissa_amas_katoj Avatar

    Just noticed the ‘Write a Book with Me’ thing and I think I’m game. My just-started story is called ‘An Orphan’s Deception’ (for now) and features an orphan girl who learns that her late father’s business partner turned mortal enemy, a mage, has become her legal guardian. She will substitute one of the younger orphans for herself and pose as her own governess, which will turn out to be a Very Bad Idea….

    I’m not sure of my current word count but it’s about 200 words. I think I can manage 250 words a day (I hope, I hope).

    1. Khena Avatar

      Welcome to the fun! Sounds like you have a great idea, I look forward to hearing more =)

    2. Sarah Collins Avatar

      Welcome! It sounds like a great story. I’m looking forward to “seeing” it develop!

  11. Rick Avatar

    I finally finished typing up the full ~25k I had written on index cards and notebook pages that I’d used as my outlet while I was in preparation for moving. Now I can start the new words!

    The MCs all ponied up and voluntarily walked into a trap together… only to realize it was so, so much worse than they thought. Fight scenes! Mayhem! Kidnapping aliens! Gosh, I love writing YA.

  12. Michelle Avatar

    1267 words for me today- look at that, Pencil Neck, almost identical word counts! 🙂

    I realized that my catalyst wasn’t my catalyst, and the real catalyst happens way too late in the story. Happily, changing it won’t be too hard, so I’m still pushing forward. 16,000 words total, doing well!

  13. Laura Avatar

    2205 words and the first chapter is almost done. It turned out to be quite longer than planned, the characters just won’t shut up. Next up is the introduction the FMC, a young, hard-working witch (right she’s failing at pretty much everything she does) and her green, sarcastic cat. Can’t wait to actually meet them in action! 🙂

  14. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

    3269 words in my translation. Why is translating so much more exhausting than writing it new? I guess because it’s less creative. After all, I have told this story before. But iff I keep up my good work like this, the sequel to “Ann Angel’s Freedom” should be done in time for Christmas. That is something not only my MC’s relatives are looking forward to. 😉

  15. Brent B. Avatar
    Brent B.

    Story had the wrong pov. Changing pov of mc solved multiple problems for me. a) tightened time line and got rid of slow stuff in between an important scene for him and actual beginning of story b) it put the reader in a position of not knowing what’s going on and adds mystery c) revealed to me that the Antagonist prefers to use subterfuge whenever possible to get what he wants as he is now pretending to be one of the good guys d) instead of my mc already being trained to do a certain job, he gets thrust into the job when somebody dies and has to wing it – much funner that way. All that and no major alterations to the BOSS. A good day for me.

  16. Treelight Avatar

    My pin board of character-relationships and the repective notes are filling up, but still no changed or new word in the story itself.

    I have only a little bit of bad conscience for not really writing at the moment, because I believe this will make the story better.
    However I hope that I will be back at the words soon, for I don’t want this to turn into another long writing-pause.

  17. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    1265 words.

    I finished the scene with the death of my main character’s girl.

    And from that, I realized that I had to have another scene or two before I got there. He tried to convice her that he could take care of her if they ran away together by offering her a necklace she had admired earlier in the story. That made me realize that he would have done something to get money to pay for a healer for his mother AND what he did was steal a bunch of the jewelry from that jeweler’s shop… along with the necklace his girlfriend wanted.

    The scene I wrote was him trying to sell the jewelry to a fence and the fence not wanting to have any part of it because everyone (including the police) was going to know where he got all this jewelry from and he wouldn’t be able to sell it. As a fledgling vampire, my MC didn’t take this news very well.

    Especially after the fence tried to intimidate him. He’s not feeling particularly intimidatable right now. That will change, though.

  18. Sarah Avatar

    68 words today- it’s my ‘day off’. I filled my time with coffee cake, a massage, blueberry picking and teaching my sister-in-law how to play Magic. Still, got a new storyline conceived and started to lay into place, as well as some revealing and exciting notes about the religions in my world.

  19. Clare K. R. Miller Avatar

    I didn’t write tonight… my parents and I took a two-hour drive to visit my sister in Baltimore. I planned to write on the way back (I read a book most of the way there, since there was light), but I ate too much at dinner and got kind of sick. Last time I wrote in the car while feeling nauseous I ended up throwing up, so I figured it was better not to try it this time. Well, I’ve been usually taking Saturdays off anyway.

    However, I must say knitting and designing a sweater is a way better excuse than mine! (Not that it’s an excuse. But I wish I’d brought some knitting on the trip.)

  20. Elise Avatar

    959 words today, completing the scene I started a few days ago, then I tried to figure out what comes next. It’s too soon for the next murder and I need to set up the circumstances for that to happen so that it looks like my MC did it. Tonight I decided I need a research trip to Saguaro National Park in the morning (it’s one of the free weekends for the US Park Service) because maybe my MC needs to go back there next.

  21. Danielle Lanois Avatar

    I have had no words this week. Yikes. It’s been a crazy week. However, progress has been made on the writing front, even without actual writing – I met with my critique group today, and got a critique for my last project. I got some good comments, and some good direction about where to make improvements, and I daresay I might have something ready for submissions by the end of September! Very excited!

  22. Alan Avatar

    I wanted to share some knitting humor with you, a parody of Katy Perry’s song, “I Kissed a Girl”. It’s called, “I Knit and Purl”.

    I used to mock my mother’s hands.
    Her hobby bugged me.
    She said her needles stopped time’s sands
    And kept her mind free.
    She told me her method—
    “Why don’t you try it out?”
    I did it like she did,
    And now I can shout—

    I knit and purl and I like it.
    I even use a yarn swift.
    Knitted and purled just to try it,
    And now I don’t want to quit.
    Guess I was wrong.
    My mom was right.
    Finished my blanket tonight.
    I knit and purl and I like it.
    I like it.

    The first step is called “casting on”.
    It’s the beginning.
    And by the time your yarn is gone
    It’s like you’re winning
    It’s not just some fool’s game—
    It’s very practical.
    I made you a sweater.
    I’m one domestic gal.

    I knit and purl and I like it.
    I even use a yarn swift.
    Knitted and purled just to try it,
    And now I don’t want to quit.
    Guess I was wrong.
    My mom was right.
    Finished my blanket tonight.
    I knit and purl and I like it.
    I like it.

    We knitters learn the garter stitch
    And while we’re knitting we can bitch.
    I think my fingers have the itch.
    Too good to deny it.
    And I am glad I tried it.

    I knit and purl and I like it.
    I even use a yarn swift.
    Knitted and purled just to try it,
    And now I don’t want to quit.
    Guess I was wrong.
    My mom was right.
    Finished my blanket tonight.
    I knit and purl and I like it.
    I like it.

  23. Jessica Avatar

    769 and a fun little scuffle. MC is learning her lessons about how the magic works by rolling with the punches, literally. Now that will be interesting to explain when she goes home!

    I really like the pace of action, it feels right. Definitely a good write-in!

  24. Khena Avatar

    508 words for me. I didn’t have a great deal of time, but I managed to finish up my piecemeal scene. A new story thread worked it’s way in, adding some great dimention to the story. Hopefully my male MC will get something going in his favor soon, he’s starting to feel a little left out.

  25. laurel Avatar

    Hi Dena

    My posts keep getting lost in the awaiting moderation folder so wanted to make sure you knew I appreciated your help with scrivener.

    Thank you for your Scrivener help, I enjoy and gratefully work in Scrivener, still I sense there are many, as of yet, undiscovered staircases that lead to novel treasures, a unique view to color code mysterious novel connections, that can be glimpsed from the terrace, a skylight that may help choreograph the ambience of which lights to leave on, and when to turn a few off to transform my grasp of the material I am working with, and lots of landscaping I can discover and learn to create within the garden’s of Scrivener to help understand the flow of each novel garden that wishes to be organized in a unique and quirky way.

    Journey well…

  26. Patricia Avatar

    No words today I’m afraid, as I’m taking the day off in favor of sleep. It’s been really busy with a wedding and taking care of the kids all day throughout it, so I’m ready to meet with my elusive friend Sleep.

  27. Brian Cansler Avatar

    I finally started the actual writing for Love Thy Enemy. Wrapped up the first scene, one of my favourites that I have plotted, with a huge sense of accomplishment at making it this far in HTTS and at starting the book.

    Word count for the day: 636 🙂

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