Write a book with me…pretty soon

I’ve been sick since last Thursday, and I spent the entire day today catching up on the HTRYN customer service e-mails that accumulated over the weekend. Got the course closed until late this year, got the main page set up so you can get a sneak peek inside the community, (just a tiny part of it, but still…) and I THINK I got everyone who needed help getting into class answered.

But. No writing tonight.

I feel like roadkill, and having JUST finished customer service, I’m going back to bed.

However, I have high hopes for words on TalysMana tomorrow.

Meanwhile, how YOU doin?

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10 responses to “Write a book with me…pretty soon”

  1. Dean H Avatar
    Dean H

    Hi everyone, sorry to hear you’re not feeling well Holly get yourself plenty of sleep and if you can’t sleep whisky, hotwater and sugar and a couple of painkillers! Goodnight!!!!!!!

    On the writing side 944 for Friday and 5741 for the week it’s really flowing well at the moment, I went back to the start over the holiday and revisited a few points. Now thats out of the way i’m averaging around 900 a night in my nightly time slot and i’ve just had an idea of something to add in near the beginning just to make the suspense come a little earlier?

    Have a good week all.

    Dean H (UK)

  2. tekiegirl Avatar

    I hit 62,000 words the other day. Trying to write more than a few times a week at the moment, but my live-in carer job makes that hard. (Not much time off!)
    I’m just at a crucial point where I reveal something big. I’m finding it slow going; trying to get it right and work out how these characters will react to this information.

    This is my first post here, so I will hopefully keep this up too!
    Will update my daily words from now on 🙂

  3. Leah Avatar

    700ish words yesterday. More today after Pilates!

  4. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    Holly, I am so sorry you are still feeling bad. My husband caught some sickness right before New Year’s and is still not doing well. For me, I am trying to learn how to work the terrible day job, juggle family, do my writing FUN stuff, and deal with newly diagnosed rheumatoid arthitis. Gotta love life. But then, books and life don’t live without conflict and there in no more of an annoyance the medical conflict.

    With all that said, I haven’t done a thing for almost a week. But, I have a three day weekend coming where I have already warned the family that it is all going to be about revision!!! Well, I am also going to work on a little short story I think because I miss writing so very badly!!!

  5. Writing Nerd Avatar
    Writing Nerd

    hello everyone! (accidentally posted this on the previous post!)

    1/10 and 1/11 Words: still working on the culture clinic for my novel. it can get kind of difficult because im dealing with two cultures with some similarities but with recent major differences. but i worked yesterday on writing plainly how they’re different and why as a sort of reminder/summary. otherwise, i will just get frustrated when i realize im getting them confused. the important thing to realize, i think, is that one of them is not the “good” culture/people and the other the “bad” culture/people. they each have things they have to work on. so that’s what im going to work on today. i think it’ll be better if i separate the work for these cultures instead of answering these questions in the same document.

    happy writing! and feel better holly!!!

  6. Nancy Avatar

    Be good to yourself, Holly. We want you back full strength and feeling great, so take the time you need.

    No new words for me for a while. Still working through HTRYN — I find I’m having to go back and rewrite some scene cards that I didn’t quite get right. So I’m now a couple lessons behind — but loving the process! It’s amazing how this will not only help books I’ve written, but books I’m going to write! Thanks and feel better soon.

  7. Larkk Avatar

    Take care of yourself and your family, Holly. Don’t worry about us
    😉 we’re still over here pounding away at our words…

    4199 words in 500 or so word increments since Thursday-more prewriting as the story gets clearer in my head. I’m trying to find the rhythm of doing both a revision and a first draft at the same time, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m enjoying them both, but together they take up a larger block of time than I am used to.

    And I’m looking forward to more Talysmana!

  8. LisaM Avatar

    Hi Holly,
    Take good care of yourself. That’s the most important thing now.
    Me, I’m LOVING the HTRYN course, and I’m learning something new every week!

  9. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

    Please, Holly, get enough rest to recover. Nothing is worse than dragging an illness out by not taking proper care of it. We’ll still be here when you are better.

    Concerning my WIP:
    Planning finished, I’ll start writing this afternoon when all my bags are packed and ready to go (my kids and me will go to a special mother-and-child-retreat for 3 weeks, all expenses but travel payed by our health insurance. I love the German health insurance system 😉 )

    Concerning Revision:
    Just started lesson 7 worksheets. Lots of interesting stuff there since I always write to little description. By the way, I love the concept of Blinkies.

  10. Greg Avatar

    Welcome back, Holly.
    Monday’s words:
    KavI: 609
    D&DII: 773
    OFL: 1078
    RFW: 1207

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