“Write A Book With Me” Is Moving

First, a note. The Write A Book With Me entries are going to be going to the TalysMana weblog after this entry. If you’re playing or following Write A Book With Me, be sure to bookmark the TalysMana weblog now.

Pocket Full Of Words will be going back to the essays, commentary on writing, and other things that I previously had here which have been neglected lately.

For tonight, though…

What Kind Of Day Has It Been

Tonight, Kettan discovered exactly what went wrong in Rengarde. Her actions in the What Is had consequences she didn’t predict…but she hasn’t yet discovered why. That’s tomorrow.

Got 843 words.

If you’re playing, how are your words coming?

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10 responses to ““Write A Book With Me” Is Moving”

  1. JD Rule Avatar
    JD Rule

    Holly: About setting goals… We all set goals, then we all find reasons why we don’t/can’t honor them. My approach is a little different. I don’t quit until I’m happy with what I have done, whether it is a complete scene, a complete chapter, or just a complete sentence. Sometimes walking the dog on the beach for an hour brings the best out – but being happy with a single (hopefully, perfect) sentence means being happy. And being happy means being able to write what I like.

    JD Rule

  2. Nikki McCormack Avatar

    I am so looking forward to joining in on this, but I have to finish cutting 48,000 words out of my novel first. Up to almost 27,000 words at this point. Over halfway there in 2 weeks. I’ll be joining this soon! 🙂

  3. Tyrean Avatar

    I just found this, and I love it! My writing has been very sporadic this summer. Some days I’m writing 2,500 words, and some days I’m writing 200. I homeschool my kids, teach Sunday School, and have so much going on that I think having a 250 word goal and taking it easy sounds great!
    Thanks for doing this!
    I re-wrote the ending of my short story, Obsession, but I’m not sure of the word count.
    On most days, I hope to make continual progress on my novel, The Crystal Sword.

  4. Elizabeth Knowles Avatar

    i have around 6 books in my head, i want to bring them to life but its so hard to just sit down and do it. i think once i start i won’t stop but i have not yet even begining the start process……

  5. Kait Nolan Avatar

    Well I’m back–finally. Trying to get going with a new WIP, another novella in the same ‘verse as the one I finished at the end of January. I got 263 words for the night. Not a lot but after a month and a half of no writing (I’ve been plotting and revising the other WIP, etc., but not WRITING), I’m having to light a fire under my butt to get going again.

  6. Reshaun Hurley Avatar
    Reshaun Hurley

    Daily goal average 500-1200 words a writing night… we will see about tonight. Been working on a piece of fiction since November, i am a mother of 3 from 6 yrs to 17 months. After weeks of red eyes and late nights, my husband and i decided that we will try to be in bed before midnight. Of coarse this is cutting into my witting time…. “arg”, but a reseted happy mommy and wife is better than this tired and grump monster for the last couple months… LOL

  7. Brandy Ackerley Avatar

    I just saw this project! And it’s awesome!

    I’ve got 3 books on the run that I’m working on, and I’m trying to get somewhere between 750 – 1000 words a day… I think that’s about intermediate level.

    Either way, I wrote about 1200 words today… I don’t have any exact count, but I’ll start keeping track. This sounds like a great way to keep motivated.

  8. Holly Avatar

    The first Write A Book With Me post in the new location is up now.
    Come on over and let me know how your words are coming. 🙂

  9. Danzier Avatar

    Not much. I’m trying to figure out how to end my scene now that the character who was going to die is a “good guy”–and if he even is, or if he should still die. Transferred writing files to new compy, and did a warm-up scene. Total relevant words–about 100.

  10. Greg Avatar

    On the plus side, I finished the redraft of D&DI this weekend.
    However, I also hit a bit of a wall. I think the problem stems from how OFL and RFW came into existence…basically because I felt I needed to be writing another project to make full use of my time, so the logic of using a young protagonist and a plot I have some familiarity with (music) gave rise to OFL, and a desire to try another couple of genres gave rise to RFW. But, I’ve got to a point with each of them where I’m not sure I care what happens anymore! But with OFL half-way through revision and RFW less than 10k from the end of first draft, it seems a shame to abandon them…

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