“Write A Book With Me” is back.

I’m excited. Happy. Delighted to be ALMOST ready to write fiction full-time again.

Here are the details.

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2 responses to ““Write A Book With Me” is back.”

  1. Patricia Babbitt Avatar
    Patricia Babbitt

    I got in the seat today and wrote. And there’s more going on tonight while also baking bread. Why I like to bake bread and write at the same time, I have no idea. But it seems to work out. I write for stretch while bread is mixing, rising, and baking. Baking bread makes me happy, writing makes me happy, and together, something good is going to happen.

  2. Katie Avatar

    The chocolate chip cookie… I use to be in search of the perfect chocolate chip cookie,until I discovered chocolate was causing migraines… Oh the memories of the delicious chocolate chip cookie. Sigh!

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