Wow! The stuff you find!

I’ve been gradually integrating the archives on the weblog. It’s an enormous, messy project, and I’ve been doing it from oldest posts to newest, about a week at a time. I’d forgotten how long Talyn was a project before it became a book. I’d forgotten what a brutal time I had writing The Wreck of Heaven. And I completely forgot that I ever wrote this.

Holy shit! This has to be a book. I can’t believe I just left it lying around back there and wandered on to other things.

Checking the archives from time to time is evidently a pretty good idea.

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3 responses to “Wow! The stuff you find!”

  1. Jim Avatar

    Still, that’s not bad. Good luck with all projects.
    Bought some research materials for the ‘report” I’m doing today. Will update you as things develop.

  2. Holly Avatar

    We’ll see. I pitched something to Robin today because I was so excited about it I couldn’t restrain myself. [g] That doesn’t happen too often. If she loves it, it will still be a while between thought and deed.

    Hawkspar, you know. And I See You.

  3. PJ Avatar

    I guess we’ll be seeing another bar under Works in Progress! LOL! 🙂

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