WOW! Found a new Scrivener thing

Took me a while to get a couple of plot cards I liked, and while I was working on them, I accidentally clicked a button in Scrivener that opened a whole panel I’d missed before.

Scrivener Inspector

The panel opens with the blue I button in the top righthand corner. Yeah, a little obvious. What can I say?

In this panel, you can see and rewrite your current plot card, decide whether the page will be exported, will retain formatting with export, and will have a nice little page break before (nifty for separating chapters but keeping scenes within chapters together). You can also make notes to yourself, the sort of revision notes I was going on about in Plot Clinic, for example.

The document is to the left, the entire plot outline is still to the left of that.

All I can say is, “Oh, wow!”

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6 responses to “WOW! Found a new Scrivener thing”

  1. anders Avatar

    Debra: She’s using Scrivener, from . It’s a Mac-only application.

  2. ahavah Avatar

    Hi, I am interested in software for writing novels, and this looks great.
    Can you tell me what software you are using here.?
    I really need something that will hold all my information Characters, Scenes ect..Thanks Debra

  3. IanT Avatar

    Ah, having woken my Mac up, the buttons are “Notes”,”Keywords” and “References”. “Notes” is the notes area (well of course), “Keywords” is the panel that I described above, and “References” lets you create references to other scenes/items/cards within Scrivener or to external files or web pages.

  4. ThursdayHaiku Avatar

    I knew about the Inspector thing, but I never noticed those bottom icons, so thanks to you both.

  5. IanT Avatar

    If you look at the bottom right, there’s a couple of icons (a key and a couple of other things else – I forget, my Mac is asleep at the moment). They let you flip between your notes area and a couple of other panels.

    The key icon lets you access the keywords panel. So you can tag scenes with various keywords (locations, characters, whatever takes your fancy).

    It’s a really nice tool, isn’t it?

  6. PolarBear Avatar

    Very nice.

    I haven’t figured out how to get the outline and the document to interact in Liquid Story Binder yet.

    It does, however, have a nice word usage feature I’ve been looking for (with tabs for alphabetical or by instance display).

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