Worldbuilding vs. Story

Another bit of writing advice useful to me now that may be useful to you as well — a look at what happens when your worldbuilding overruns your story. I’ll include my previous response to those who leapt in to defend overwhelming worldbuilding, because while it’s pretty grumpy, it is also true:

I’m not “prescribing a view,” or “promoting a tradition.” I am offering my experiences as a full-time professional novelist who supports my family by what I do. My experience will be relevent to readers in the degree to which they wish to do what I am doing, and have the same or similar obstacles to overcome that I have.

I have nothing against writing as a hobby. But the advice of people who write as a hobby is basically useless to people who write for a living. And the advice of people who write for a living can be safely ignored by those who have no wish to.

So you only need to read this particular entry if you want to go pro.

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