World Clinic Beta Tester Live Updates

I want folks interested in the course to be able to get an objective idea of what Create A World Clinic will let them do, and how they’ll be able to use it for THEIR needs before they lay out money for it.

So beta tester comments as they’re working through this course will be public.

Beta Testers: Create a new reply when you complete each section test, and include:

  • One sentence about what you thought you’d get from the section
  • One sentence about what you actually got
  • And one sentence on how you’ll be able to use what you learned in your work
  • You can add more if you want, but three sentences will be enough if you’re pressed for time.
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136 responses to “World Clinic Beta Tester Live Updates”

  1. JeanS Avatar

    This is SOOOO cool. I went back to the beginning and worked the first exercise in Chapter One. I got a “book of matches.” Made no sense until I began asking questions, then I got significant pieces of information I’d been needing for a dormant WIP called GRANITE HILL.

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