World Clinic: 3520 MORE words TODAY…

By Holly Lisle

I am, for really and for true, driving myself nuts with this book. I was shooting for 30,000 words.

Was sure I would be able to wrap it at 45,000 thousand.

Am now OVER 53,000 words, and while I AM finally way into the last chapter, I’m not yet done with the last chapter.

I want to say I’ll have the writing done this week. Today is Tuesday, that could happen.

When I’m done, I’ll get it to Matt, who’ll be content-editing, but I’m not going to rush him, and I’m not going to make a pain in the ass of myself right around Christmas, either. (I’ll save that for the New Year.)

While he’s editing content, I’ll do the demo videos and the cover art.

Once he’s edited the content and I go back through and make necessary changes, I’ll get the book to my small group of beta-testers (these folks have been on my list since they did copyediting for me onĀ Warpaint, so this is not an open call for beta-testers).

I just want you to know that I’m pushing as hard as I can on finishing this. Today’s word-count stands as proof.

I’m close.

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