Working since way before dawn

By Holly Lisle

I’ve made my words for the day.

It’s been hard going. My RPE (Required Pages to Edit) for my one-pass revision requires that I edit 30 pages a day to get this done in time to type in all the edits and new additions.

For those interested in writing neep, it breaks down like this:

256-page manuscript divided by 9 working days equals 28.4 ppd rounded up to 30 ppd to provide a bit of a buffer.

Nine working days to do the write in—takes me to March 7th

Ten working days to do the type-in—takes me to March 21st

Five working days to print, proof, mail—to March 28th.

Deadline is the end of March.

Honestly, thirty pages of write-in a day doesn’t seem like much when I’m just thinking about it. I’ve written thirty pages a day before—occasionally on a daily basis. It ain’t fun, but I’ve done it.

But I noted that this was going to be a large edit, and so far, my hand-written new material is running at a ratio of 1:2 with existing material. If this trend continues, my 50,000-word first draft will expand to 75,000 words in send-off draft, which is a bit more than I’d bargained for. Editing a draft is tougher than writing it, too, because the one-pass process requires so much more out of me than putting down fresh new words. I can make all the mistakes I need to make in first draft. Second draft being final draft, though, all those mistakes have to go away in this round.

But I got the pages and I’m happy with my fixes so far. The new opener is better, and the characters are coming out more clearly right from the beginning this time. It’s going well. Eight days to go.

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