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Working on my focus with World Clinic #wabwm — 7 Comments

  1. Hi,
    I am trying to get back into a regular writing schedule after a forced hiatus, and since I am working on a new project, I thought I might join in on WABWM.

    Today, I got some outlining done so that most of my scene note cards have a line on them (I like to leave some blank for surprises as I write), and then started at the beginning. 1095 words. I feel rusty after months off, but it is good to flex these writing muscles again.

  2. Timer helps a LOT. Got 1011 words building the first worksheet, plus 200 est words starting to fill out the DEMO worksheet, plus 206 words on the actual lesson.

    Total for this morning 1417.

  3. Awesome work, Holly! You keep me inspired to keep going. I’m working with a timer this morning to keep me focused on something I’m less than thrilled with – mostly because I don’t know where to start – so I just write for the allotted time. There’s some dreck and some nuggets worth saving. Slowly I’m getting the words I want. And it’s all practice in the end. Writing, writing, writing….

    @Holly – is there a post on here where you outline your typical day as a writer? If so, could you direct me to it?

    • I don’t have a typical day. I have to adapt to what I have going at any one time.

      My current schedule is:

      7:30 – Noon — Write World Clinic
      12:01 – 2 — Site work to get HTTS and the other big courses up and running in the new classroom
      2:01 – 3 — Student support
      [TIME OUT for food and family]
      5 – 7 PM — (Some nights) Work with Margaret to get the site set up.
      7 PM – 9PM — whatever I didn’t make enough progress on during the day if I’m feeling up to it. If I hit all by goals for the day, I take the night off.

      Migraines mean I have to be flexible. I have a hellish time being creative (thinking out all the details and parts of new courses or stories) so some days I end up doing more site work. If I can, I pick up extra on the creative end when I feel better.

      • Holly – thanks for this – it’s hugely helpful.

        I work with headaches too, althought of a different sort (due to eye damage from an auto-immune disease). It’s inexpressably annoying to be on a roll, or want to work on something and then have your vision crap out on your or just be in so much pain you HAVE to sleep.

        Your schedule is intense (for me) but at the same time, inspiring. As always, thanks for the look into the “life of a writer”.

        PS: I turned a friend onto your work. She is on the last book of the Secret Texts and she is going through that heartbreak that occurs when you know a wonderful series is about to end. I’ll prod her into writing a review on Amazon.

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