Work for Hire

I’m starting a topic on the upcoming work-for-hire project so I’ll be able to keep up with page counts and work out plotting and the usual things.

It’s going to be a funny bit of writing, though, discussing this project, because I’m not going to be able to admit I wrote it. Not going to put my own name on it, connect it to my site, drop cutsie little hints. It is work for hire in the purest sense. I’ll write it, I’ll do my absolute best to do it well, but it will not be mine. Not ever.

So while I’m doing it, maybe I’ll be able to wrap my mind around the whole work-for-hire issue, which is something that I’d bet most full-time writers have jumped into once or twice when money got tight. Work-for-hire is what you do to allow yourself keep doing what you love to do.

More later. The words are going well this morning.

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