Words. No Words. But back to work.

By Holly Lisle

So. I’m back.

Got 2299 words on a worksheet, and another thousand or so on the revision of a lesson, both for HTRYN, but no words on TalysMana. Instead, the rest of my time went into doing my customer service e-mails from the last couple days.

I’m caught up on everything that doesn’t require a long reply. Still have a few of those to do.

So I got lots and lots of words, and no words at all.

But I’m back, I’m now caught up, and tomorrow I head into the dark places with Kettan, where she discovers that not even heroes can survive if they just live on sunshine and butterflies.

Getting close to the New Year, I’ve done the better part of another draft of my New Year’s Resolution…

It’s complex. I’m struggling to get it right.

How have you been, and how’s your story coming? I’ve missed you.

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