Words. No Words. But back to work.

So. I’m back.

Got 2299 words on a worksheet, and another thousand or so on the revision of a lesson, both for HTRYN, but no words on TalysMana. Instead, the rest of my time went into doing my customer service e-mails from the last couple days.

I’m caught up on everything that doesn’t require a long reply. Still have a few of those to do.

So I got lots and lots of words, and no words at all.

But I’m back, I’m now caught up, and tomorrow I head into the dark places with Kettan, where she discovers that not even heroes can survive if they just live on sunshine and butterflies.

Getting close to the New Year, I’ve done the better part of another draft of my New Year’s Resolution…

It’s complex. I’m struggling to get it right.

How have you been, and how’s your story coming? I’ve missed you.

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13 responses to “Words. No Words. But back to work.”

  1. Cecelia Avatar

    Oh, what a month December was! But I’m back. It is Jan 7, nearly 11 pm. Snowing in the Ohio valley. I re-vamped my work space, moved my desk, bought a new desk lamp, new paper, notebooks, rearranged my supplies. I’m ready. All I need to do now is write. I plan to start the 250 words a day again tomorrow. I was making such progress when I was doing that. Why did I stop? Oh, yeah, Christmas and traveling and eating and baking and shopping and wrapping and decorating. So now I’m back, broke and alone in the snow. What else is there for me to do now but sit down and face my blank computer screen? 250 words, tomorrow I embrace you once more!

  2. EliseInAZ Avatar

    As I was saying, like Khena, I experienced somewhat of a letdown after NaNo. It was so much fun to write something totally different, without pressure that it had to be wonderful, and let my muse play with outrageous ideas, the WIP I was working on just doesn’t appeal to me any more.
    Before I started that story, I had a different plot in mind for the same cast of characters. I’ve decided to explore plot 1 for a while and see if it’s the story I really want to write.
    I’ve also decided to start over from Lesson 1 on HtTS and work through the course with whatever my next novel idea is. I’m going to give myself the first two months of 2010 to work on lessons and play with the alternate plot idea before buckling down to write the next book.

  3. EliseInAZ Avatar

    Like Khena,

  4. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    1016 words.

    With their engines dead, power shut off to everything but life support, the spaceship flying out of control through space, and pirates about to board, The Princess ran down and grabbed the Engineer out of her Jump bunk to get everything back on line. The Executive Officer, sure that The Princess is a pirate plant, attacks her but The Engineer defends the Princess. When the loud clang reverberates through the ship, The Princess realizes that it’s too late to get the engines running and tries to get the XO and the Engineer to follow her to the Armory to get weapons to fight for their ship. They don’t follow her. And the door won’t open. Insufficient privileges. She tries to contact the Captain on the Bridge, but a Pirate answers. She races to the Engine room trying to figure out something she can do. And she’s captured. She wakes up with the crew, the Engineer has joined (and was working for) the Pirates and the Pirates are asking The Princess to join them on a conditional basis because The Engineer vouches for her. She accepts the offer.

    Been a busy week. Had my best friend in for a few days for a “writer’s retreat” sort of thing before the holidays. Lots of work on my HTRYN. I’m glad this is starting back up. I missed it.

  5. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    I had a rocky December with all the holiday shopping and preparations. Last week I finally was able to start working once again. I have been able to get over 7K for words. I was hoping chapter 17 would end my book, but I am now on chapter 18. Hoping it will end soon….

  6. Megs - Scattered Bits Avatar

    Looking forward to that New Year’s Resolution!

  7. Megs Avatar

    I have sacrificed my current novel WIP on the altar of my revision for HTRYN, BUT the drabbles are coming—2 of them yesterday, and I wrote 1800 words on a side story as well as two and a half blog posts for a little over 2000 words.

    Slow and steady again. And that’s enough.

  8. Patricia Avatar

    I haven’t written anything in so long…I feel terrible stuck in limbo between book one (which is pending revision in a month) and book two (which is still in the final stages of plotting). I’m thinking I’m just going to deal with what I have plotted so far and go for it. Things will work out by the time I get to where I need to be. Right now I need to sit down and write. 🙂 That is by far the best cure in the world for restlessness. 😀

  9. Cayleigh Avatar

    I was without a computer for most of the past week, but I got ’bout 8000 words done, way more than my normal daily quota. I usually aim for about a thousand a day, but with winter break I’ve been getting a lot more.

    I also started up a short story all about changelings.

  10. HannaBelle Avatar

    Finished the website, waiting on a 3rd party vendor to make corrections to the reservations part. Need to make some cosmetic fixes. In case you are interested in what has consumed me the last month or so …

    As for my OWN creative interests and writing, I am still on break and will be back on track starting next week.

  11. Khena Avatar

    I’m back from vacation as well, and back in the world that includes the internet…

    In my few spare moments I tried to work on Dragonfly, but since I finished my Nano I am having a horrible time summoning up any enthusiasm for my old project. I was afraid of that when I started Nano, but wanted to actually do it this year. Now, I don’t know what to do. I’m in Chapter 21 of 30 and it seems like the end is so far away. But I’m going to slog along, and hope I can get excited about it again soon.

  12. Greg Avatar

    Xmas Eve words:
    KavI: 438
    D&DII: 707
    OFL: 1053
    Currently trying to decide how hard to work this next week!

  13. Debora Avatar

    I’ve been AWOL for awhile. I have not had a day off since Thanksgiving, struggling to do the best I can for a real-life hero — Semper-fi! — battling dementia, while his daughter is away. I have also been mired in self-doubt. Is my book too big? A real door-stop of a book, as Ken Follett would say. Should I pare it down before I go any further? Or keep slogging along?

    I have not written anything for weeks now and am feeling pretty miserable.

    On a happier note, I bought myself a Kindle for Christmas. I can’t wait until it arrives. What sealed the deal for me was when I realized that most of the classics can be downloaded for free. The thought of walking around with my favorite literary greats right at hand is almost too wonderful to even contemplate.

    Season’s greetings everyone! And Happy New Year!

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