Woot! Bad got worse, worse got terrible — and I got words: 1378 of 1250 planned.

I do not envy my main characters. I’ve mentioned this in the past, I will no doubt mention it again in the future… but I particularly do not envy my Ohio main character.

She has World’s Worst Job, which she inherited from her grandmother, and she wasn’t quite as quiet or subdued about doing it as her grandmother had been. Grandma managed to keep things quiet — but the rules changed by the time my MC showed up.

And… boy… the bag guys really picked up their game yesterday and today, and now… well, I’m remembering the “shoot it where it won’t grow back” line from Men in Black, and thinking that guy had it easy.

Got the words, the outline is holding up, the scenes are holding together as I write them, and I’m staying on deadline.

I do love this world, and this story, and these people.

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2 responses to “Woot! Bad got worse, worse got terrible — and I got words: 1378 of 1250 planned.”

  1. Mike Lucas Avatar

    Sounds amazing Holly. Going back through the blog it’s really apparent how the new outline has added so much inspiration and energy to your daily writing. Keep it up!

    It is kind of sad how much the main characters have to suffer to tell a good story, but when I think about all my favorite stories, it’s SO true.

  2. dragon Avatar

    I am sooooo looking forward to this.

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