Wonderful Essay on Religion, Humankind, Government, and God

This is both short and powerful — both great things on a Sunday morning. Go take a look. It’s well worth your time. (And thanks to Jim Woosley, who sent me the link.)

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7 responses to “Wonderful Essay on Religion, Humankind, Government, and God”

  1. TonyD Avatar

    Unfortunately he is right. Religion and politics don’t mix. We have free will. We have the right to read and obey/not obey the Bible for ourselves. The men in suits and robes aren’t necessarily ordained of God (But by other men). Being ordained of God doesn’t mean wearing a robe and calling yourself by a fancy title. It means being a ‘man of God’. And God did give man a choice (according to the Bible) to walk in freedom or not to walk in freedom – not by obediance to men, but by obediance to God. Judgement and vengance are God’s perogative, and choosing wether to ‘serve God’ or not is man’s. Yes, in a way God does limit Himself to men, but only as ‘a father who loves His children’ and not as a dictator or ‘weakling’ because the bible clearly shows many times when God acts without men. A very interesting essay. However, I’m not so sure about the book mentioned with it. I admit I haven’t read it, but the comments made in the summary seem to suggest a political argument with the Bible being used as a weapon. Not I think what God intended. Still, to each his own and God will (according to the Bible) judge all parties at the end.

  2. HalP Avatar

    Yeah, I actually read it. Thousands of times over from people like him without two brain cells to rub together. Guess we shouldn’t have silly old doctors work on us, ’cause they’re people just like me! Or heck, I can fly this plane, who needs a stupid ‘ol pilot, he’s just like me! And on and on and on….

  3. Holly Avatar

    Say wha…? Has this guy ever heard of free will? What a classic piece of uninformed trash.

    You might have better luck understanding the article if you actually read it. I’ve found that often helps.

  4. HalP Avatar

    Say wha…? Has this guy ever heard of free will? What a classic piece of uninformed trash.

  5. A. Shelton Avatar
    A. Shelton

    Very good; the essay hit some beliefs of mine that I could not have stated so eloquently.

  6. Keri Avatar

    I liked that one. Excellent reading for a Sunday afternoon.

  7. cherylp Avatar

    Good essay.

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