Wishbone Conspiracy: Excellent writing day

I got started late this morning.

Every once in a while I have a night where I can’t sleep. I went to bed around midnight, woke up at two-thirty, and couldn’t get back to sleep until seven AM. So I wasn’t back up and at work until ten AM.

And I feel a bit fried. But I set my timer, set my counter, and jumped in on finishing Chapter 5 of The Wishbone Conspiracy, and then writing out my “Interesting Fact #2” — which turned out to be as interesting as I’d hoped, and I think pretty creepy as well. And wrote for about two and a half hours.

Got 2060 words in that time.

Cady’s current job has just run sideways into something she didn’t expect. It’s unrelated… but its big, and nasty, and in her pursuit of the truth in her current investigation, she has a funny feeling she might have stirred up something ugly that should have been left sleeping.

I had a blast writing today’s thing. And tomorrow, I’ll start Chapter 6.

2019 02 07 to Chap 6 on Wishbone

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One response to “Wishbone Conspiracy: Excellent writing day”


    sounds like you benefited quite nicely from the piecemeal sleep. Not that I’m suggesting doing it again.

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