Will it blend?

These videos may be old hat to you (there might even be an old hat in one of them), but I found myself mesmerized. Take a look at the Don’t Try This At Home section. Because, seriously, if you’re blending lightsticks, EZCheez, Bic lighters, iPods, and things that go boom, who cares whether the blender will make a nice batch of juice.

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5 responses to “Will it blend?”

  1. Keely Avatar

    Hmmm… I do have the good KitchenAid blender and the VitaMix that we use for actual food preparation. But being an artist (and a pack rat), I also have the old timey Westinghouse blender that is a dedicated art tool!!!

  2. sketchinartist Avatar

    That’s just awesome. Light-stick fluid really burns the skin, according to a buddy of mine, so it’s probably not a good idea no matter how macho your blender (or your kid) is.

    And a comment unrelated to the post: Vincalis the Agitator is Wonderful with a capital W. It was unique and funny and exciting, and I LOVE the ending–not the big showy climax (though that was cool, too) but the little bit at the very end. It was like an Easter Egg. (and as I write this, I am thinking, “Hey, that’s the beginning-in-the-ending thing from Plot Clinic! THAT’S how it works!”)

    Thanks for an awesome read. Can’t wait for Moon and Sun.

  3. Holly Avatar

    Cheers on the new blender. I feel your pain. It was all I could do to convince the kid we didn’t want to do the light-stick experiment.

  4. eldonhughes Avatar

    I’d like to thank you for sucking up an hour of my morning.

    my wife would like to thank you for the new blender. “I’m NOT putting food in that thing again after what you just did! Now get me a new blender, and some new crayons.”

  5. PolarBear Avatar

    I’m sure you can get some really great ideas from this sort of thing…backs surreptitiously away from the blog.

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