Why I’m MIA this week, too.

By Holly Lisle

Two weeks of vacation. Followed by the official launch of How To Revise Your Novel, because in my infinite wisdom (NOT!), I decided months ago that the week after two full weeks of wild course-writing mixed with tons of holiday family stuff would be the perfect time to launch a new course. (Insanity doesn’t run in my family. I think I’m breaking new ground here.)

I close the doors on HTRYN Saturday 9th at noon EST, though, so NEXT week I’ll only be writing lessons, and I’ll be able to get back to TalysMana, which has been my casualty for these three weeks by virtue of being the work nobody is paying me to have done on schedule.

This is your WABWM thread until I get back next Monday. By then, maybe I’ll have had more than four hours of sleep on any given night, and you’ll have recovered from the holidays, and we can get back to writing fiction. šŸ˜€

In the meantime, you’re in my thoughts. And I’ll be back soon.

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