Outlining on Create a Culture Clinic is done, and I actually made a start into the text of the book. (Not much of a start, granted, but I got words on the page.) Tomorrow I’ll shoot for 2000 words.

I’m shooting for both clarity and fun—we’ll see how that goes.

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6 responses to “Whoo-Hoo!”

  1. joela Avatar

    Sigh. I know what I’ll be reserving money for 🙂

  2. Gabriele Avatar

    Plot Clinic sounds good, esp. with a chapter How To Juggle Three Major Plotlines and Ten Subplots, lol.

  3. Holly Avatar

    Jason—I haven’t completely set the order yet. The second and third books of the Worldbuilding Series are next, of course.

    Then probably as follows:

    • Holly Lisle’s Create A Plot Clinic
      My method for plotting novels, useful either for finding problems in your current novel or short story, or for writing new work. Includes writing exercises, printable charts, and more. New, Nonfiction.
    • Holly Lisle’s Storyshowing Clinic
      My method for creating immersion in the story through the use of language, imagery, sleight-of-hand, dialogue, action, and description.
    • Holly Lisle’s Finish the Book Clinic
      My method for revising stories from the nearly ready to the totally wrecked. Includes the full details of the dreaded Red-Yellow-Orange-Green Line-For-Scene Method, easier methods for less-wrecked books, manuscript formats, writing exercises, printable charts, and much more. New, Nonfiction.
  4. Jason Penney Avatar

    Looking forward to this.

    Did you ever post the order you intend to do the rest of the non-fiction books you mentioned a while back. I tried looking through the archives, but I couldn’t find it.


  5. shawna Avatar

    Eeek. Was going to say “Yay!” myself, but don’t want to sound like an echo. You’ll do fine with clarity and fun— I’m sure of that.

    Oooh. That Hawkspar revision bar just looks…. nasty.

  6. The English Rose Avatar
    The English Rose

    Yay! Sounds like you’re enjoying yourself. I hope to check out the culture one; I definitely could use help with world-building in that regard.

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