Whole LOTTA Revise Your Novel Questions

By Holly Lisle

My nonfiction work today was/ is/ will be going through all the many, many questions you asked on the Revise Your Novel poll, sorting them into categories, and then figuring out where in my process the answers fit, and how to make sure I answer them all.

There are several questions that popped up that are NOT revision questions—I figured I’d address the biggest of those here.

“I can’t finish anything,” has nothing to do with any part of the revision process. You don’t start revising until you’ve finished writing—if you’re not finishing the writing, you’re either dealing with problems of motivation or problems with the creative process itself. Either way, taking a course on revising your novel will not help with either of these problem sets.

For the rest, though?

Well, I’m about twenty pages into the roughly 70-page printed-out stack of questions, and have already written out over forty separate, legitimate problems that ARE revision related.

Everything from “How do I figure out the best order for my chapters?” to “How do I make the beginning match the end?” to “How do I create a deeper connection between my readers and my characters?”

Those the course will cover.

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