Which flash fiction sites / publishers do you recommend?

I’ve had a migraine for the last three weeks.

While Tylenol has helped take the edge off for a little while, it has not gone away completely.

The pain was too bad to focus on the really cool, creative things I have to do in the final chapters of Create A World Clinic, so I’ve worked on less creative things.

Putting together and then running a live-online Motivation workshop. Putting up my How To Find Your Writing Discipline course in its original form on the new site.

And putting together a three-week class called How To Write Flash Fiction That Doesn’t Suck.

See, I wanted a new freebie for How To Think Sideways site, I asked Margaret if she had any ideas for something cool, and she said she’d love to have a course on writing better flash fiction. So I made one.

Started setting it up.

Sent out an email asking folks to let me know if they knew of any good websites and publishers who accept flash fiction, so the class graduates would have some places to submit their work.

And explained WHY I wanted this information.

The login and signup forms for the site were stampeded, the traffic on the signup form had so many people trying to sign up simultaneously that the SUBMIT buttons actually disappeared for many people trying to use them, people weren’t getting their confirmation emails… it was nuts.

And in the stampede for a class that won’t start until next Tuesday, I got only a tiny handful of recommendations for flash fiction sites and/or publishers.

So I’m asking here…know of any you’d recommend? I’d like to have as broad a spectrum as I can get.

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8 responses to “Which flash fiction sites / publishers do you recommend?”

  1. Connie Cockrell Avatar

    I know of a couple not listed in the above comment.
    http://firesidemag.com/ and

    I’ve finished the 1st lesson in your new Flash Fiction course. Great stuff. It’s already helped me with other stories!

  2. Larry Herrin Avatar
    Larry Herrin

    One word for those migraines: Relpax.
    This drug works miracles for my wife’s migraines. Check it out.

    1. SJKnight Avatar

      Aleve gel caps are the only ones that work for me. Forget tylenol.

      By the way, I’m really enjoying the flash fiction course. I never considered attempting to write flash fiction before.

      1. Holly Avatar

        They used to be terrific for me, too. But I’m over fifty, took them (and other naproxen sodium forulations) for other reasons from the time I was nineteen, and long-term use puts you at risk for cardiac problems. Which my family has a BAD history of anyway.

        So while that would probably help a lot short-term, the long-term price is way too high.

  3. Ann Beardsley Avatar
    Ann Beardsley

    And here’s an already compiled list: http://www.thereviewreview.net/publishing-tips/flash-fiction-list-resources
    if that helps

  4. Kate Avatar

    Holly, I’m not that familiar with flash fiction. I do know a few people who are doing it and I will list them below:

    1. http://flashfiction.net/2013/02/what-is-flash-fiction-robert-shapard-james-thomas.php
    2. http://flashfictiononline.com/main/
    3. http://www.flash-fiction-world.com/
    4. http://www.everydayfiction.com/flashfictionblog/
    5. http://www.littlefiction.com/beta/Flash.html
    6. http://randmpublishing.com/bookstore/fiction-books/ (I know them but have not read their flash fiction work.)

    I hope that helps!

    1. Holly Avatar

      It does. 😀 Thank you very much.

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