Where the Bright Lights Go Dark

I got started late. I woke up at four AM-ish with a headache. Took stuff for the headache, went back to bed, slept until seven — I hate days that start that way, but what are you going to do? After a my workout, a shower, and reading over and signing the contracts for ISY that finally arrived, I’m just now getting started on the day’s work.

First goal of the day is to get ISY from 52,263 to 54,263 or better. Dia just got some desperately-needed good news; she’s been in a bewildered hell of having someone trying to kill her and having impossible things happening that she can’t deal with, and she just found out how everything fits together. But her news is going to go bad on her quickly.

Then on to CCC, where I’ll be working through the how-to’s, examples, and techniques of need, desire, and pain in character development. Count on that will be from 1783 to 3508 or better.

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