Where I am right now

I apologize for my absence. The last few weeks have been hard.

I’ve been back to full-time vertigo and full-time migraines, and though I know this is nothing life-threatening, it is damned difficult to work through. I’m doing my best, I’m still producing the HTTS Walkthrough, and Margaret and I are worknig hard on the transfer of all my courses to NovelWritingSchool.com, but other things have slowed down a lot.

And then a couple days ago my computer died, and it’s taken me that time to pull the part of my backups that would fit on my laptop and get more or less up and running again.

I hope to have my main computer back in a day or so, and to have everything back to normal in that regard by next week. (Right now I only have access to some of my software, and some of my records. There simply isn’t room on the hard drive of my older computer for everything I’m using now.)

I’ll do my best to start posting in here again, and to pick up the threads on TalysMana and WABWM. Once I have the site transfer finished and am no longer working such awful hours, I expect the headaches and vertigo to taper off. They did the last time I had some down time.

I miss being here. I’ll be back again as soon as I can.

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11 responses to “Where I am right now”

  1. Jeannette Avatar

    I am so sorry to hear about you being unwell. Migraines are absolutely horrible. A few years ago, I was getting episodes of vertigo and at least 3 migraines a week. Then found out I was having thyroid issues. Since my thyroidectomy, I only have migraines approximately 2-3 times a year and no vertigo at all. Admittedly, I do not know your specific health issue, however if you have not had your thyroid checked, it is something worth looking in to. Take care and I hope you feel better.


  2. Danzier Avatar

    Hi Holly,
    I’m sorry you’re back in migrane hell. The next funny joke I hear is dedicated to you.

    Meanwhile, for your tech help people…I accidentally found a broken link. If you go here https://hollylisle.com/index.php/Read-Chapters/create-a-language-clinic-chapter-2.html and click the “go back to chapter one” button, it still goes to chapter 3. Hopefully just a quick fix.

  3. Betty Welch Avatar
    Betty Welch

    Dear Holly,
    Your fans and students do not mind you taking time off to deal with your illness and the computer crash. Don’t worry about us, we all have plenty of writing to do. Do what you need to do for yourself and your family. We will be here when you are feeling better.

  4. EliseInAZ Avatar

    I knew there had to be a reason we hadn’t heard much from you. I was afraid it was your health again after you mentioned having vertigo one day. I’m so sorry that and your migraines are back.

    Please try to pace yourself better so you don’t have these awful problems. You always seem to be trying to do too much.

    Sending my thoughts and prayers that you feel better.

  5. Kit Russell Avatar
    Kit Russell

    Migraines suck! I hope you feel better soon.

  6. Amanda Avatar

    Get well soon Holly I love reading your emails but your health has to be number one priority. As my husband’s aunt always reminds me when people’s demands are getting me down.
    “People that matter don’t mind and people that mind don’t matter.”
    Holly priortise your own recovery you deserve the very best

  7. Tracy Riva Avatar


    Remember your health is what is most important to all of us, As one of your students I can say at least I can wait for things till you feel better, Take care.

  8. zette Avatar

    Get to feeling better! And always remember what I say about site stuff: No one is going to die if things are a bit late or don’t quite work properly right away. Concentrate on you.

  9. Michelle Avatar

    Feel better soon Holly. Get some rest and try to relax.

  10. Johanna Avatar

    That SUCKS! Oh, I can imagine how difficult it is to do anything when you feel dizzy and your head is pounding. My stepfather has had the same problem after suffering a head injury. I hope you feel better soon. Actually, I hope that all your problems will magically disappear. But if that doesn’t happen, I know you’ll come through anyway, because your work ethic is super-powered 🙂

  11. AnneV Avatar

    Hang in there, Holly!

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