Where I am right now: Mini “Path To Freedom” Report

One lesson for How To Think Sideways is still undergoing formatting, but the rest are formatted, proofed, and back to Booknook.biz for final Kindle (mobi) conversion.

I’m up to Lesson 5 on the initial formatting for How To Revise Your Novel, and am simultaneously building the Legacy/download pages for the lessons. After that, I need to reformat all the HTRYN downloadables to make sure links are correct, then proof the HTRYN Lessons, send them off to Booknook.biz, then add the downloadables to the new shop as product parts, and add the parts to the download pages.

Once those are done, I have to do the print version (I’m going to try to have the print version of HTRYN available at the same time as the ebook versions).

Still have to do the print versions of HTTS, too.

And then close Legacy HTRYN to new students, and start taking HTRYN Direct live (more page-building, because each lesson has to have its own page).

It’s a lot of work, but only about a third as much work as HTTS was, and after this, I get back to writing WARPAINT (while doing the rest of HTTS Walkthrough, and the How To Write A Series addon.)

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  1. Dee Avatar

    I’d just like to say you’re my writing hero. Yeah, that’s a bit dramatic, but every time I get pouty and feel like there’s just no time to write, I check your blog to see which thirty things you’ve accomplished today. Then I realize I just need to prioritize to accomplish my goals. Thanks for the reminder!

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