When is Cadence Drake 1: Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood going to be out?

Question was asked elsewhere. I’m making the answer its own separate post.

When is Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood going to be out.

Okay. Tentative date is next Tuesday, but here’s what has to happen first.

I’m printing out the page proofs for the trade paper version now. My brother-in-law is coming over tomorrow (I hope) to record the Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood song with me: Didn’t Expect That. The song is the freebie for folks who buy the book—download link will be in the back, after the teaser chapter from Cady 2: Warpaint.

I have to go through and proof the print version, move the corrections to the ebook versions, create the ebook versions, upload them, create landing pages and landing page copy for them, redo the typeface on the cover art because Matt, who is both my content editor and my art director, is not happy with the current fonts. (He’s right. They’re weak, and they’re the thing that stays the same through the entire series, so they have to be wonderful.)

Adam and I have to record five or six tracks, and Adam will do the mixing. I have to put together the YouTube video for the song.

The schedule is, you might say, tight.

So next Tuesday is the plan. I might not hit the plan.

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  1. Yog-Sothoth Avatar

    Thanks for the information. Someone told me you changed the ending so that Cady defeats the giant space kitten by using an alien artifact and quantum string theory to create a ball of cosmic string which distracts the kitten while she escapes. Is that right, or is someone’s leg being pulled?

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